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Larry Brooks needs to get over himself

March 27, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments

Apparently, Larry Brooks thinks he’s entitled to answers every time when the Rangers lay an egg as they did last night dropping a valuable point to Atlanta in the shootout.

The NY Post obnoxious beat writer probably thinks he invented hockey with the way he sometimes carries himself. Mr. Brooks couldn’t understand why new no-nonsense coach John Tortorella was so unhappy with last night’s performance.

Here’s how this joke started his recap using a personal agenda that stemmed from an incident a couple of years ago when Tort coached Tampa Bay:

Would you like to know why John Tortorella bypassed Nikolai Zherdev for all six rounds of last night’s shootout in which the Rangers were blanked?

Would you like to know why the head coach chose to go with Markus Naslund, Nik Antropov, Chris Drury, Ryan Callahan, Fred Sjostrom and Scott Gomez rather than Zherdev, whose first-period goal was his fourth in the last five games, and who is 5-for-14 in the skills competition?

Would you like to know why Sean Avery got so little ice time last night, or why Tortorella went with only six forwards in the overtime period, or why the Rangers were so undisciplined in losing 5-4 to the 27th-overall Thrashers even after stumbling and bumbling their way to a late second-period 4-1 lead?

Well, that’s too bad for you, because Tortorella was not in the mood to answer questions following the game. Instead, the head coach delivered a bush-league, obscenity-filled rant before turning his back on reporters and walking away into the night.

Is there some validity to what Brooks said here? Yes. The point about Nik Zherdev was one I made in these parts last night. The only difference is I didn’t carry on about every other little thing like I’m entitled to know why the team’s play was so brutal in blowing a 4-1 lead. Apparently, covering the Rangers is Brooks’ God given right!

Way to be Larry. If I didn’t know any better, he not only covers them but runs the franchise. Tortorella had no reason to be upset that his team stunk up three goals blowing a point when the playoffs aren’t a guarantee with seven games left. Nope. Must’ve been our imagination completely!

No reason for a fiery coach to be just a tad miffed that his team failed miserably during an extended 5-on-3 when he burned a timeout with them nursing a one-goal lead and the response being them standing around like bumps on the log as if Perry Pearn instructed them to be so stale.

How would Brooksie feel if he coached this Jekyll & Hyde bunch? Think he’d keep it clean answering every question before doing what Tort did last night showing backbone unlike our former soft coach? I think we know the answer which is why this recap became so personal.

“I thought we sucked. Right on through the game. We were fortunate to get a point.“

What else is there to understand? It was stated simply. You’d think a pile of dirt like Brooks who ripped Tom Renney to shreds getting his wish would be ecstatic with such bluntness.

But you’d be dead wrong. All because of this:

At what point does it boil down to the players? Last night, the Rangers didn’t finish the job. You want to critique the coach for omitting Zherdev from the skill competition? Fine. But to make this personal because you can’t get over yourself or that particular classic incident in which somebody finally told him off is ridiculous.

Tort is here to win hockey games. So, he should’ve been irate. He’s not here to make friends. That attitude adjustment is the one this team needs to have real success.

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