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Please Sacrifice The Season

November 28, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments

Boy does this team suck. Marc Staal scores early off a nice rush to the backhand and of course they come apart at the seams with Geno and Sid igniting three straight. Even sadder is that after Chris Drury and teammates stick checked and watched Crosby score, I told my Dad another was coming. Sure enough, nobody picked up the trailer, who had an easy time of it against poor Vally, who held strong until the barrage.

The Rangers are in shambles. Sadly, I predicted a 7-1 loss to Kraze. Why do I get the feeling theyre going out of their way to achieve it? My Dad and I both agree that its time to forget the playoffs and do what I stated in these parts the other day. Sacrifice the season.

Before I go pickup sushi and find other ventures, can anyone rationally explain what the hell Huggy Bear and Voros were doing out there against Sid and Geno, who predictably tied the game off a faceoff? Seriously. Is Renney still coaching the team or has Tort lost it completely? I never thought Id say this but I miss the guy who brought us back to respectability and did so in a classy fashion, not embarrassing this franchise. I guess me and a lot of others were wrong. The Tortorella Era is looking more like Error. It doesnt help that this team has little else besides The Big Ticket and Prosp. That falls on senile Slats.

Im more than willing to go through a losing season. These guys just arent good. Call up reinforcements and start selling now. For the prices Dolan charges, this is a total embarrassment. I said it once already this week but this is the worst team theyve fielded in a decade. Theres no chemistry and zero team toughness. We do have some young guys at least on the blueline which should become much better in the future. But its blatantly obvious that its better for the organization to miss the postseason.

We havent gone to many games and I have no desire to see this team much. Neither does most of a turned off fanbase that has seen MSG whoring ticket plans for the first time in like ever. What exactly does that say for the product? What makes it even worse is when the renovation finally gets done, itll be diehards like us who get phased out. Thats what Dolan wants. As passionless crowd support as the team they ice.

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