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Cooke gets two games, Who Cares thumbnail

Cooke gets two games, Who Cares

November 29, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments

Per Puck Daddys Sean Leahy via Twitter, the NHL has disciplined Penguins forward Matt Cooke for his high blindside hit above that knocked out Artie Anisimov during last nights 8-3 rout over the Rangers. He gets two games, meaning Cooke is out for Mondays MSG rematch and will also miss Thursday, Dec.3 against Colorado. He forfeits $29,268.30 for the hit.

Weak and all too predictable. What does a couple of games off teach? Id rather him be in for tomorrow night to face the music. This league sucks. They do the same thing over and over again, handing out slaps on the wrists which accomplish nothing. John Tortorellas right. As long as that loser Colie Campbell runs this sinking ship, there will continue to be no respect with more chaos on the way. In my book, the league is protecting the guilty party from getting what he deserves. Our team might be the softest in the game but they have every right to be poed that they wont have the opportunity to seek vengeance.

There is no justice in having Cooke miss two games. Its just the NHL protecting its investment. Especially with one of their teams on Versus Monday night. God forbid we have the chance to see an old fashioned game like in the 80s and early 90s before the cheesy instigator took the fun out. That was H-O-C-K-E-Y. Todays isnt. Especially as long as that trapezoid stays put. Lets see how many more defenseless players behind the net get injured due to that ridiculous rule before they change it.

The worst thing that ever happened was the lockout. While some of the rule changes along with the cap are beneficial to a faster/more competitive game, it appears that theyre targeting a different audience. A softer one that would prefer the Ice Capades than the edge us diehards love. Did we mention prices have escalated making it harder for the hardcore fan to go? Thats what happens when you get more advertisers, who wouldnt have the first clue about what a hockey game entails. Its more than skating, skill and finesse. Theres grit and toughness which are requirements if you want to win the greatest trophy in all of sports. Thats why the instigator must be eliminated along with that Brodeur Rule. It would help get rid of a lot of the unnecessary cheapshots we see too much of. And what does it all lead to? Lame suspensions like Mr. Cookes. Also from Leahy:


If my math is correct, the NHL has suspended 15 players including pre/reg season for a total of 36 regular season games for 09-10 already

Exactly what does that prove?

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