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December 15, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments

Just updating things. Over at our Blogger BONY site, we have been doing game recaps, etc including a debut from our lurking Buffalo contingent with a classic name. You can catch me, Hasan and Bri over there for the time being.

We just did a new piece on the cool Minny 3rd jerseys. Just purchased a Mikko Koivu as a late birthday gift. The entry isnt just about the jersey as it also discusses a key quote from Eric Belanger on a recent OT win over Calgary in which they held a huge SOG edge. It was pretty interesting to say the least and seemed to infer disgust at the current point system. So, that was the all important second part of the article. If interested, A Wild 3rd Jersey Plus A Telling Quote can be found in entirety. An excerpt:

???They still got a point. That is so sad.???

Of course, hes referring to the silly point system that rewards losing teams no matter what. The flipside is that one can argue that Miikka Kiprusoff earned his team a point. Maybe its just us but we prefer the old system that gave you two for a win and none for a loss regardless. It would separate the pile up we got in the East minus Carolina.

Hope the holiday season is treating ya ll well. :-)

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