The Battle of New York :: A Tri-State Area Hockey Blog We're just some passionate bloggers who follow the Rangers, Devils, Islanders and now even the Sabres like no other! Fri, 30 Dec 2011 20:39:01 +0000 en hourly 1 Too Early To Bet? /2010/10/25/too-early-to-bet/ /2010/10/25/too-early-to-bet/#comments Mon, 25 Oct 2010 16:27:12 +0000 Joe McDonald /?p=6083 With 82 games in their season, the NHL is similar to other sports like basketball and baseball in its length. But that’s about as far as the similarities run in terms of how the sports are played. One thing you will find similar with the sports off the respective ice, court and playing field, however, is the betting world. People are always laying their money down on whichever teams they think stand the best chance.

With the NHL season just getting started, is it too early to bet on who will make the Stanley Cup Finals and who will walk away with the trophy?

No, it’s never too early for gambling. If you’re an avid sports-better, then you’re probably leaving the New York Times at the news stand and picking up the laptop to check out online casino reviews and line odds with your morning coffee. So placing some money down on the long shots at this juncture is pretty much par for the course when dealing with gamblers.

So, which team is more heavily favored and which teams are viewed as bottom rung at this juncture?

In the NHL Eastern, the Pittsburgh Penguins are looking incredibly strong in the odds market, at an impressive 6:1, but it’s actually the NY Islanders who have the early Atlantic division lead. NY is certainly one of the biggest long shots in the entire league, coming in at 100:1 to make it to the Cup Finals. So, all things being equal, $1 gets you $100 now – and if the Islanders can keep the momentum up, then it’s not at all impossible that they’d win and net you a huge payday.

The NY Rangers are a few rungs down in the same division, but they’re actually heavily favored in comparison to the Islanders. The Rangers are pulling 40:1 at the moment – not bad at all for the team when you consider the rest of the field. Would a bet pay off? Nobody knows that; that’s what makes it so fun to bet.

Outside of the New York squads in the Atlantic, who’s the odds-on favorite to win in the Eastern in general? That would be the Washington Capitals, currently with the best odds in the entire league at 5:1. The odds will certainly adjust as the season progresses, but they’re easily tops in the NHL right now.

Following closely are the Chicago Blackhawks—their projected opponents—at 6:1. Chicago is atop the Central and will probably stay that way, give or take, for the duration of the season.

Of course, sports-betting isn’t anything like playing baccarat online. We all know things can change and change rapidly. Maybe one of the NY squads can really put something together and drive the odds up. It all remains to be seen as of yet, and that’s exactly what draws most people to gambling in the first place.


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BONY Q & A with Elizabeth Bernath /2010/08/26/bony-q-a-with-elizabeth-bernath/ /2010/08/26/bony-q-a-with-elizabeth-bernath/#comments Thu, 26 Aug 2010 23:32:12 +0000 Derek Felix /?p=6076 Imagine yourself behind the mic getting a chance to call the action. That’s exactly what Elizabeth Bernath gets to do for her college Oswego State in upstate New York.

The junior enters her second season on the school radio broadcasting the Lady Lakers this Fall. Before transferring last year, Bernath got some experience as a radio DJ at Middlesex Community College closer to her North Brunswick home in Jersey. She made the adjustment from a music major to communications at Oswego where the excited Devil fan- who originally grew up in Houston during the club’s second Stanley Cup- is looking forward to another fun winter calling puck.

We caught up with her this past week, discussing a variety of topics including Ilya Kovalchuk, the Devils, the plight of Oswego hockey and her love of Iron Maiden.

Battle Of NY: How did you get into hockey?
Elizabeth Bernath: I started out just watching games on TV whenever my family had one on but my “a-ha” moment with hockey would have to have been my first live game. My uncle took me to see the Devils play the St. Louis Blues when I was 10 years old and I’ve been hooked on hockey ever since. 


BONY: You’re a Devils fan. How long have you drank the Kool Aid?

EB: I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Devils. I was actually living in Texas when the Devils played the Dallas Stars in the 2000 Stanley Cup Finals so that was a pretty rough time. Now I’m up in Sabres country but there’s a surprising amount of Rangers fans lurking around that place. 


BONY:  Do you go to games? Anything stand out?

EB: Yes, I’ve been to tons of Devils games. The thing that stands out to me the most when you’re at a game is how knowledgeable and passionate the fan base is. You can walk up to anyone in the arena that’s wearing a Devils jersey and talk some serious hockey with them and you’ll always leave the game with more friends than you walked in with from talking to the other people in your section. It’s really like a big hockey family.


BONY: If yes, give us your Rock experience.

EB: The Rock is a great place to see a hockey game. It’s a state of the art building and was obviously designed with hockey in mind. I’ve been seated all over the arena, from the first row behind the bench to the last row in the upper corners, and there’s not a bad seat to be had in the building. Wherever your seat may be you always feel like you’re right on top of the ice and that building can really get loud.


BONY: Last night I dreamt that Kovalchuk scored off a face off from way out. I’m a Ranger fan. Does it mean anything?

EB: It’s your fear of him being a Devil and the Rangers facing him six times a year manifesting itself in your unconscious mind.


BONY: Given the league’s stance on Ilya, are we doomed for another lockout?

EB: I wish I could say no, but it’s hard to not think about the possibility of another lockout with there currently being so much tension in the hockey world. A lot of people are unhappy with the arbitrators decision to rule in favor of the NHL and against the NHLPA in regards to the Ilya Kovalchuk contract and the rejection of his contract while so many other similar contracts have already been passed by the NHL definitely raises more questions than it answers. As the NHL continues to review the similar contracts in question we will hopefully have more clarification as to what makes a long term deal acceptable.


BONY: You broadcast your school’s (Oswego) games. How long have you done it and what’s the experience been like?

EB: I transferred to Oswego last summer so this past year was my first season broadcasting the women’s hockey games. I was a little nervous at first but once the game starts you forget that people are listening to you and your instincts about the game take over.


BONY: When you first started, did it take adjusting due to game’s pace?

EB: No, not at all. I’m used to watching the game at the NHL level so following college hockey hasn’t been difficult for me.


BONY: Why radio? Any influences?

EB: At the first college I attended we only had a radio station, not a TV station, so I just kind of fell into it. I started off by picking up a shift as a newscaster, then I became that station’s sportswriter later on. Now, at Oswego, I’ve moved on to sports broadcasting by calling hockey games. My biggest influence would have to be Mike “Doc” Emrick. As a Devils fan I’m lucky enough to get to hear him call tons of games and he’s great at what he does. He really loves the game and it shows in his work.


BONY: What’s the best game you called?

EB: The best game I’ve called so far would have to be when Oswego’s women’s team beat Utica 3-2 in OT. It looked like Oswego was going to win the game but Utica came back to tie it with 17 seconds left to force the game into overtime. The tying goal really energized Utica and they came out strong to begin the extra time, but then they took a penalty to give Oswego a power play where Oswego won the game 3-2.


BONY: How exciting was the men’s season?

EB: Watching the men’s team this past season was incredibly exciting. A 26-3 record is something that you’re not going to see happen very often and when they were dominating opponents by scores of 8-1 and 10-1 you knew you were witnessing something special. Unfortunately, the team fell in the NCAA D-III Semifinal by a score of 4-3 in heartbreaking fashion when St. Norbert scored the GWG with less than 40 seconds remaining in regulation. It wasn’t the storybook ending that all of us at Oswego were hoping for but the boys still have a lot to be proud of.


BONY: Most of the team returns incl. 3 of the top 4 scorers. What should we expect?

EB: The Lakers did lose their leading scorer, but this team still knows how to score goals and we should see the same high powered Oswego offense next season. I think where we’ll really see a difference is in the team toughness. Expect to see bigger players coming in with this years recruiting who will make Oswego a tougher team to play against.


BONY: The women haven’t had as much success. Any chance that changes?

EB: The women’s program at Oswego just returned from a long hiatus in 2006 so it’s still a young program that’s building itself up. The recruiting class looks stronger every year and I would expect to see their record improve every season as a result of that.


BONY: What has your Oswego experience been like? Different than Jersey?

EB: Oswego is so very different from Jersey. Getting through my first Oswego winter wasn’t easy. It was bitterly cold and the constant wind coming off of Lake Ontario makes being outside for even short periods of time borderline unbearable. Fortunately the weather is gorgeous for the rest of the year though. The other major difference is that compared to being in Jersey, you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. In Jersey we have so much in so little space, but Upstate NY is the exact opposite with so little in so much space.
BONY: What is your major?
EB: My major is Broadcasting & Mass Communication and I also minor in Athletic Coaching with a concentration in ice hockey.


BONY: Do you plan to continue radio possibly in future?

EB: Absolutely, I love radio and the sports broadcasting industry. I may transfer over to TV someday but regardless of the medium I’ll hopefully always be involved in hockey.


BONY: Are you a celebrity on campus?

EB: Haha…not at all! I tend to keep to myself in my free time so I have a pretty low profile.


BONY: You’ve taken to French.

EB: Yes, I started studying French 2 years ago and I really enjoy it. I’d tried learning other languages in the past and French just came to me easier than the others had. I’d love to move to Quebec for a year or so to be surrounded by the language and try to really learn all of the little nuances of it.


BONY: Do you also play sports? What’s your best?

EB: I play ice hockey at school on the women’s club team. Anyone who has seen me play could tell you that I’m far from graceful on the ice but it’s my absolute favorite sport and I have more fun playing it than I do anything else. I played soccer and swam competitively through high school but hockey is the only thing I’m committed to right now.


BONY: What’s on your Ipod?

EB: My musical taste is all over the place. I have everything from Carrie Underwood to Bon Jovi to the Dropkick Murphys.


BONY: Any fave artists/concerts?

EB: My favorite concert would have to be Iron Maiden. I’ve seen every show they’ve played in Jersey since I moved there in ‘02. I’ve even gone to the same tour more than once. Their live show is better than any other that I’ve ever seen. 


BONY: Fave movies/quotes.

EB: I love anything with Will Ferrell in it. Anchorman, Elf, Blades of Glory… I can pretty much recite all of his lines.


BONY: Read the future. 2010-11 Devils

EB: Obviously there’s so much riding on whether or not Kovalchuk will be a Devils so it’s hard to say with that situation still being unresolved. Expect a breakout season from David Clarkson. I’m sure that last season left a bit of a bad taste in his mouth since he missed a substantial amount of time with a broken leg. Now that he has re-signed a multi-year deal with the Devils he will want to show everyone what he’s capable of. Also, the return of Jason Arnott is a huge plus for this team. Not only is he a reliable player who can fill the gap that the Devils had last season on the second line, but also the experience and leadership he brings as a veteran player might be just what the team needs to get them out of their playoff slump. Lastly, there is John MacLean finally getting his chance as an NHL head coach. MacLean has a simple philosophy as coach and it is that hard work breeds winning results. Don’t expect a fancy new system from him, just solid, defensively sound, offensively opportunistic hockey.


BONY: Final question. You play the guitar. How good are you? Can you rock?

EB: I try to. I started out about 8 years ago and took lessons at first but that route wasn’t for me. Instead I just listened to old Aerosmith albums and tried to copy Joe Perry and I learned way more that way. I’ve always been really into the blues infused rock style he plays, but now I try to play a little of everything.


Thanks again to Liz for taking time out of her summer schedule. She’s back up at school for Year Two and can be heard on Oswego’s radio station 88.9 FM during the semester. You can also find her tweeting away her thoughts on hockey, school, music and shopping over on Twitter.


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New column up /2009/12/15/new-column-up/ /2009/12/15/new-column-up/#comments Tue, 15 Dec 2009 23:25:54 +0000 Derek Felix /?p=6069 Just updating things. Over at our Blogger BONY site, we have been doing game recaps, etc including a debut from our lurking Buffalo contingent with a classic name. You can catch me, Hasan and Bri over there for the time being.

We just did a new piece on the cool Minny 3rd jerseys. Just purchased a Mikko Koivu as a late birthday gift. The entry isn’t just about the jersey as it also discusses a key quote from Eric Belanger on a recent OT win over Calgary in which they held a huge SOG edge. It was pretty interesting to say the least and seemed to infer disgust at the current point system. So, that was the all important second part of the article. If interested, “A Wild 3rd Jersey Plus A Telling Quote” can be found in entirety. An excerpt:

Of course, he’s referring to the silly point system that rewards losing teams no matter what. The flipside is that one can argue that Miikka Kiprusoff earned his team a point. Maybe it’s just us but we prefer the old system that gave you two for a win and none for a loss regardless. It would separate the pile up we got in the East minus Carolina.

Hope the holiday season is treating ya ‘ll well. :-)


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Important Announcement: Catch Us On Blogger /2009/12/11/important-announcement-catch-us-on-blogger/ /2009/12/11/important-announcement-catch-us-on-blogger/#comments Sat, 12 Dec 2009 03:03:26 +0000 Derek Felix /?p=6066 As many of you are aware, we’ve been having server issues over here. For the time being, we are back on Blogger, over at the original Battle location. Whether we stay remains to be seen. Right now, it’s just easier for me and Hasan to post our stories over on Blogger, which still has our logo (slight adjustment) along with standings, polls, video bar, etc. So, if you are reading this and were wondering where we were, yes. We are still posting. Here is where BONY can be found:

Battle Of New York

Or if you want the entire domain, please copy and paste this:

We hope to see you over there and appreciate all our followers, including a couple of fans who actually recognized me at games. Thanks for the continued support!



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Marty’s Accomplishment Disrespected /2009/12/09/martys-accomplishment-disrespected/ /2009/12/09/martys-accomplishment-disrespected/#comments Wed, 09 Dec 2009 18:08:25 +0000 Derek Felix /?p=6064 Another night. Another remarkable accomplishment for New Jersey Devil netminder Martin Brodeur, who turned aside all 22 shots in a 3-0 shutout at snowy Buffalo last night. Finally, MB30 had shutout No.103, tying Terry Sawchuk’s once thought unmatchable record which will soon go by the wayside much like Patrick Roy’s 551 wins.

That the three-time Stanley Cup winner, Olympic gold medalist and four-time Vezina recipient also recently became the most active goalie in minutes played and also soon enough games played demonstrates just how durable he has been throughout a Hall Of Fame 16-year career. When I think of Marty, one word comes to mind. Consistency. All the consecutive 40+ win seasons prove it along with the fact the ageless 37 year-old is still performing at a high enough level to wonder if Cup No.4 is coming back to the Garden State on what’s a very good Devil team. Leave that debate for another day.

As someone who has had to watch the best No.30 provide many headaches, the man is a champion on and off the ice who handles himself the way another great player in the metro area does. No wonder they share so much in common except that the Devil franchise plays in obscurity, even if The Rock in Newark is a great arena. So, what if he doesn’t play across the Path on Broadway under the spotlight. This is what has always driven Kool Aid drinkers nuts. For that reason, Brodeur has flown under the radar despite staking his claim as the all-time greatest player to play the most important position in the NHL. If you don’t have a good goalie, you’ll never win Lord Stanley. Ex. Philadelphia Flyers

We’re not here to discuss the difference between playing in The Big Apple and the sister state where Lady Liberty really stands. Something proud New Jerseyans will remind you if you’re from NYC. Perhaps it has to do with the face both the Giants and Jets have New York across their uniforms while playing at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford. So, can you blame them?

It shouldn’t matter that Brodeur plays under the shadows for the Devils. Fact is they’re one of the greatest current sports franchises on par with the Red Wings, Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Spurs and Red Sox. Notice the great company they’re in. Only Detroit and San Antonio have won more championships. We left out the Yankees because they’re still the best franchise, now having won five World Series since 1996. Of course, it’s easy to point out that the Yanks play in the Bronx which ain’t exactly paradise even if the brand new Stadium is a crown jewel. If you’re a successful franchise, it shouldn’t matter where you play. Try telling that to this town where if you make it here, you’ll make it anywhere as Frank Sinatra once said.

Would it kill the Daily News or NY Post to give MB30 his proper due instead of the same old same old recycled covers? Guess that’s what happens when you play for New Jersey. It just doesn’t have the same sex appeal. In the newspaper business, they’re trying to sell papers. So, it’s always going to be something over the top and usually from this city. That is unless there’s a bunch of fluff like Tiger Woods’ marriage on rocks due to incompetence. Does anyone really care about his personal life? But hey. It sells. So, we’ll excuse the tabloids for eating it up.

What can’t be ignored is how poorly this sport is treated by ESPN. At one time, they aired games for x amount of years, including a couple we provided stats research for the talent. When I worked there, all the employees involved in making it a great production put everything and more into it. Considering all the money they invested in hockey, it made plenty of sense. One thing about Bristol, Connecticut. If they cover your sport, expect them to give a yeoman effort. Even if it’s resulted in butchering Monday Night Football. The best thing I’ve seen since 2002 was the 30 In 30 features, including The Trade of Wayne Gretzky, which was excellently produced. That’s ESPN at its best. If you want it at its worst, watch Sports Center. A show that once was great as a kid now has zero imagination, even ticking off their own researchers that put in hard hours for ridiculous storylines that have little to do with sports.

That’s what we’re dealing with since Disney took over. If they cover your sport, you’ll usually get great highlights and over analysis. See last night where Aaron Rodgers was treated like a Super Bowl winning quarterback. SC was basically football, football, FOOTBALL with a little AI, then more football, football, FOOTBALL. Sadly, the real King Of The Night- who deserved a lot more than the 11+ percent if most sportsfans weren’t so brainwashed- was reduced to a small blurb showing 2 miniscule highlights of his 103rd career shutout that tied a significant record. Then, they went back to more football. If you caught our last post early this morning on our birthday, then you already know.

Since hockey is hardly covered anymore after Bristol passed on re-upping due to the lockout with it instead winding up on Versus, where DirecTV subscribers got royally screwed and couldn’t catch one second of MB30′s shining moment, it comes as no surprise that such a special night got lost in the ESPN shuffle. Sadly, it’s worse than Phil’s recurring events in Groundhog Day. Even the Rangers aren’t this bad yet. Somehow, Barry Melrose and Matt Barnaby cash checks for zilch. John Buccigross, who’s one of the best hockey people in The States, remains employed working SC. He wrote a damn good column over a week ago on Brian Burke’s openly gay son Brendan. How unfortunate that we don’t benefit from Bucci’s enthusiasm for the sport.

Earlier this year, I pondered if a return to ESPN would be beneficial to the game. Sure. It would be more available to viewers and promoted better than what we get on Versus along with NBC, who has the NHL by the balls. But when I see how little it’s covered along with the ultimate disrespect to a super special athlete who’s much more likable than most of the pampered they push, it would be an exercise in futility. They don’t deserve Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, Nicklas Lidstrom, Evgeni Malkin, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Nicklas Backstrom, Zach Parise, John Tavares and Matt Duchene. Clearly, there’s more talent on display than ever before.

We don’t deserve to be treated like second class citizens. So, while they can continue showcasing the overrated and image conscientious LeBron, I’ll take our gifted batch anyday with Mr. Brodeur the head of the class. Everything a real superstar should be. One of the best to ever play the game and a truly magnificent athlete. Even Derek Jeter and Peyton Manning would agree.


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Random Thought: ESPN SC Style /2009/12/08/random-thought-espn-sc-style-poor-mb30/ /2009/12/08/random-thought-espn-sc-style-poor-mb30/#comments Tue, 08 Dec 2009 09:43:12 +0000 Derek Felix /?p=6060 So, it’s my birthday and I was out celebrating a little early with bro and P. We had the big screen muted on ESPN while listening to classic tracks. Thank God cause it would’ve been irksome to listen to the same old song and dance.

What ever happened to Sports Center?!?!?!?!?!?! Back in my heyday, it kicked ass and I’d always watch before grabbing the bus to school. Now, it’s just an awful show full of garbage that doesn’t even cover everything but just the sports Bristol airs. Here’s a rundown of what we saw on silence as I danced to some beats:

foootball football footballl foooootbbbaalllll AI  fooootballll fooootballlllll foooootballlllll fooooootballlllll oh btw Martin Brodeur tied some record fooooooootballllllll foooooootbbbaalllllllllllll fooooooooootbbbbbaallllllll foooootballlll fooooootbbbbballlllllllll FOOTBALL FOOOOOTBALLLLL FOOOOOTTTBALLL FOOOOOOOTTBALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

More on how we feel over at the original Battle location. Any questions???


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Devils dominate Sabres, Brodeur ties Sawchuk /2009/12/07/devils-dominate-sabres-brodeur-ties-sawchuk/ /2009/12/07/devils-dominate-sabres-brodeur-ties-sawchuk/#comments Tue, 08 Dec 2009 04:47:30 +0000 Hasan /?p=6055 A surprisingly one-sided beatdown of the Sabres in Buffalo became a lot more memorable when the final horn sounded and Martin Brodeur did a fist-pump before receiving congratulations from his teammates for stopping all twenty-two Sabre shots – and in so doing, recording his 103rd career shutout, tying Terry Sawchuk‘s all-time record.  As Doc Emrick would say in another of his little in-game nuggets, it took Sawchuk a couple years between shutouts #102 and #103 and he was even on different teams.  Fortunately Brodeur didn’t take that long to do the same although at times it felt like it since #102 came nearly two months ago against Carolina.  Ironically, Brodeur’s next start (and first chance to make even more history) should be against the Hurricanes on Wednesday at the Rock, and the Devils’ next six games will all be at home.

While Marty was the headliner, tonight’s game was far from a one-man show as an improving defense allowed only twelve shots on net in the first two periods against a good Sabres team, and the Devils’ offense put up three goals within twenty-one minutes against Ryan Miller – who only came into the game with a 1.85 GAA and .936 save percentage.  Perhaps it was fitting that the record-tying shutout was such a team effort with a dominant defense.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Devils game without another MIA player.  Tonight it was Mike Mottau, who caught the flu (oh how I sympathize with ye!).  Matthew Corrente played in Mottau’s place and logged 9:23 including a confidence-building shift late with Mark Fraser as the team was looking to protect the historic shutout.  Perhaps the best part of the night for the team going forward was that Corrente was the only player to receive less than ten minutes of icetime tonight.  Even a previously ineffective fourth line looks a lot better with Illka Pikkaranen and Rod Pelley having a fire lit under them by respective benchings, and the return of forwards Jay Pandolfo and Rob Niedermayer, enabling Jacques Lemaire to spread out minutes more evenly.  With tonight being the fourth of a seven-game in eleven-day stretch, this team needs every man to be a factor, particularly in the immediate future.

Even without Mottau, the Devils’ D looks bolstered by the return of Johnny Oduya, who played a team-leading 26:13 in only his second game back and now looks a lot more comfortable than he did early in the season.  Perhaps he felt pressure to live up to his new contract?  If Oduya can truly play at this level without needing Paul Martin to watch his back, the Devils’ unheralded D becomes that much more dangerous.  Andy Greene ‘only’ played 24:42 tonight, but still managed an assist – giving him 15 points in 25 games, numbers not seen by a Devils defenseman since Scott Niedermayer and Brian Rafalski were roaming around the halls of the CAA.

Before Brodeur could make history however, there was the small matter of winning the game, no easy task playing their fourth game in six nights against a good Sabres team.  Despite a semi-slow start, the Devils outshot the Sabres 12-5 in the first period and two late goals got the ball rolling downhill.  First, a suddenly hot Brian Rolston scored at 17:51 when he poked a loose puck through a crowd and past Miller in front for his tenth goal of the year, with Patrik Elias and Vladimir Zharkov getting the assists on what turned out to be the winning goal.  Just 67 seconds later, Travis Zajac doubled the Devils’ lead with his ninth goal of the year, firing a slap shot that may have deflected off of Andrej Sekera but definitely went past Miller and stunned the home crowd.  Zach Parise and Colin White would get the assists on Zajac’s goal.

For all intents and purposes, the Devils put the game away with a PP goal after just 39 seconds of the second period when Nicklas Bergfors fired a screened shot that went past Miller, giving Bergfors his ninth of the season after assists from Jamie Langenbrunner and Greene.  Interestingly, nine different players registered the points on those three goals.  With a comfortable margin against a surprisingly flat Sabres team, the rest of the night became about the pursuit of history.  Brodeur faced few real challenges, perhaps the most daunting was Steve Montador‘s attempt early in the third period that only a quick glove was able to stop.

As the significance of this game dawned on everyone, Doc went into full storytelling mode late in the game – recounting how Marty kept pucks from all of his shutouts but only had 102 1/2 because of a 0-0 tie with Dominik Hasek, where both men kept a piece of the puck.  Maybe it was too bad in a way that the game wasn’t on FSNY but at least Doc himself was there, as was a national audience watching VERSUS.  To their credit, VERSUS did a good enough job in the wake of the record-tying shutout, interviewing Marty and Doc himself in the postgame.

BoNY Three Stars:

  1. Martin Brodeur (22 saves, record-tying 103rd career SO)
  2. Nicklas Bergfors (PP goal, +1 and 6 SOG in 14:37)
  3. Brian Rolston (goal, +1 and 4 SOG in 14:12)


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Video Of Day: Keep Your Head Up Artie /2009/12/07/video-of-day-keep-your-head-up-artie/ /2009/12/07/video-of-day-keep-your-head-up-artie/#comments Mon, 07 Dec 2009 18:13:47 +0000 Derek Felix /?p=6053 Today’s edition is courtesy of a wicked legal hit by Detroit defenseman Brad Stuart catching Russian rookie Artie Anisimov with his head down. As he’s about to dump the puck, he gets leveled. That’s two big hits in over a week. One of which was dirty from Matt Cooke. If he wants to stick around, please keep your head up Artie.


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Wing Wheeled: Same Old Garbage /2009/12/07/wing-wheeled-same-old-garbage/ /2009/12/07/wing-wheeled-same-old-garbage/#comments Mon, 07 Dec 2009 05:48:19 +0000 Derek Felix /?p=6051 Well, at least people liked my classic Quebec Nordiques road blue jersey. And well, the atmosphere was nice with plenty of proud Red Wing fans sprinkled around along with about a group of 50 from Sweden. Hell. I even ran into some fans in from Quebec City. One of which was there to cheer his Wings. How did that happen? Of course, he had his girlfriend lending moral support. I showed them their seats and then found a couple of other Quebecers with that cool French Canadian accent praising my jersey.

So, why the title? Because our team officially sucks. There’s no reason to even play the remaining 53 as this dysfunctional batch wearing Ranger jerseys aren’t seeing the playoffs unless they purchase a ticket. Not when even on a night Brian Boyle found the back of the net, Henrik Lundqvist reverted with a softie right thru the wickets with 2:03 left, sending many including us to the exits.

Hey. At least the Detroit contingent had something to cheer. They were everywhere. Ran into Mickey Redmond too before the game as he was getting ready to enter the broadcast booth for Hockey Town. Dave Maloney also was there and we gave him some love, saying he deserved to be on national TV which he appreciated. Joe Micheletti also was there. Think both he and Maloney auto’d this diehard fan Steve’s home white Ranger jersey which had between 25-30 on it, including <gulp> Al Rotwig. Apparently, he gets everyone and considers the ‘casters part of the team, noting how Wiggie was shocked because nobody ever asks for his. Duh.

Look. I knew they had no chance in Hell of winning this game. We don’t beat the Red Wings. The one time they did was a few years prior when The Dominator had a nightmarish first that included losing the puck for an empty netter. And that was in the real bad days when it was humiliating to lose to us. Well, those days have returned. Even with Marian Gaborik leading in goals and second in scoring, this team is God awful. To make matters worse, the Wings did a great job keying on The Big Ticket, holding him without a shot. Gabby tried but Nick Lidstrom was real strong, making a key defensive play before Dan Cleary’s decider. Guess that’s what happens when you play the best as soon after, Lidstrom fed Henrik Zetterberg, who was unstoppable all game, setting up the first two Wing scores in what amounted to an all to predictable 3-1 win.

Zetterberg faked and then held the puck forever before shooting down low to Cleary, who somehow squeaked one through from a horrible angle. Do the words swiss cheese mean anything to The Queen? I know it’s too hard to ask him to come up with consecutive good games as even the first Detroit marker was off a leaky rebound of a sharp angle Zetterberg backhand. Maybe he was in a giving mood against his countrymen. It’s just so disappointing because he didn’t play badly. But the guy just doesn’t get it done often enough for this team to have a chance. So, while the joke known as The Garden continues to whore him in every Garden Of Dreams ad along with overpriced Casino Night, when does he start living up to his celebrity status? Lundqvist after a game in which Jimmy Howard outplayed him by a country mile, stoning Ryan Callahan on a penalty shot and denying Chris Higgins’ bid:

I knew I was in trouble when I couldn’t really see it in front of me. I was expecting a shot earlier, and then I just went far down and I kind of got stuck there. It is a tough one to let in that late.

That would be because ageless Tomas Holmstrom was doing the screening just as he had at the conclusion of a Detroit power play in the mid-frame that led to Pavel Datsyuk evening it. Still one he can’t allow. Especially at that critical juncture when just getting a point in this ass backwards league is life and death. You wonder what the deal is with Lundqvist. Why does he suffer so many concentration lapses? The people standing behind us in Sec.411 kept referring to how this franchise will never win with him. What does that say? Would it kill John Tortorella to see what Chad Johnson can do? Of course, he won’t be in when they visit the Windy City Wednesday. But with it blatantly obvious that this edition is better off missing and playing for a lottery pick, what’s the point of overplaying Henrik?

It doesn’t get any easier after the Blackhawks as the Sabres pay a visit to MSG Saturday and the much more skilled Thrashers also come in. And here’s what’s even sadder. Atlanta has a realistic shot of making the playoffs with Nik Antropov anchoring their first line. All Russian with Buffalo castoff Maxim Afinogenov and super duper star Ilya Kovalchuk. They also have a good goalie tandem with Ondrej Pavelec and Johan Hedberg each performing well. Plus a nice supporting cast that includes Rich Peverley, Slava Kozlov, Todd White, Bryan Little, Evander Kane and a revamped blueline built around Tobias Enstrom and Zach Bogosian. Remember when they had no hope after unloading Marian Hossa to the Pens for a package that included hexed Angelo Esposito? Look at the team they’ve built.

When does it happen here? Maybe when they stop obsessing over the annoying egocentric Dancin’ “Homo” Larry. What exactly does this buffoon do? Is he on the payroll? Everytime he does his redundant choreographed routine, it’s the opponent that usually scores as was the case tonight. And yes. That was basically uttered before they put the damn spotlight on him. When you have fans uttering, “Game over,” you know it’s gotten way played out. Our section hates him with a passion. Where do you think the “Homo Larry” chant originated from?

Look. I could care less how passionate this baldheaded stooge is. Nobody who pays for their ticket comes to see him dance. If we wanted a Disco Night, go to a night club. There are plenty to choose from. This is H-O-C-K-E-Y! Someone needs to get that message out to Dolan and the losers. Heck. Our fan of the game was a security guard, who the whole night stood next to us and even remarked how it’s time for them to stop showing Larry. When is enough ENOUGH?

Here’s hoping we at least get a good lottery pick.

BONY 3 Stars:

3rd Star-Nicklas Lidstrom, Det (2 assists, 3 SOG, hit, 2 blocked shots, +1 in 26:15)

2nd Star-Henrik Zetterberg, Det (2 assists, game high 7 SOG, +2 in 22:51)

1st Star-Jimmy Howard, Det (28 saves incl. stop on Cally PS and Higgins breakaway, 12/12 in 3rd)


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Red Wings visit MSG tonight /2009/12/06/red-wings-visit-msg-tonight/ /2009/12/06/red-wings-visit-msg-tonight/#comments Sun, 06 Dec 2009 21:54:05 +0000 Derek Felix /?p=6049 While our server has lately had a mind of its own, the Rangers actually won a game last night 2-1 over the Sabres. I recapped it but as usual, it magically disappeared. The Ranger leaders stepped up with Ryan Callahan scoring, Chris Drury playing probably his best game of the season and Henrik Lundqvist stellar with 36 stops.

The question is can they do it again in a 24-hour span? If it’s to be, they’ll have to earn it against another good team. Though the Red Wings are currently out of the playoffs due to a slew of injuries, they gave the Devils all they could handle last night in a very exciting 4-3 skill comp win for the guys in Newark. That it needed such a silly finish speaks to how ridiculous the league has become with way too many games that get to OT winding up there. A one-on-one ain’t a way to decide such valuable extra points. But we digress.

The Red Wings still boast some of the greatest players on the earth with incomparable Nick Lidstrom along with dynamic duo Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg. So, it will be far from easy for a team that doesn’t score much. Marian Gaborik has another chance to shine in an always sexy Original Six classic match-up. If only we could play the Wings more because they’re the team with some of the best jerseys in the game. And just to see such remarkable talent including the underappreciated Chris Osgood is always a treat.

Are our Blueshirts up to the task tonight? Faceoff’s after 7 where hopefully the Giants will have somehow saved their season against the hated Cowboys, who lead by a field goal in the second quarter. We’ll be in our usual Sec.411 seats in second to last row donning a classic road Quebec Nordiques jersey. Might even find 2Man’s Josh Burnett, who will be there with a friend.

See ya later!


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